Pro Plan Asian Dog Agility Open 2019

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Tuesday 14/5/2019 - Hoogerheide (NL) Tuesday 14/5/2019 – Hoogerheide 🇳🇱

The Asian Dog Agility Association is founded for the development of Dog Agility sports across Asia
Because quarantine rules restrict the travel opportunities to several Asian countries it was decided to organise the Pro Plan Asian Dog Agility Open 2019 in Europe.

The date and location are specifically chosen because several overseas participants will arrive in The Netherlands the preceding weekend.
Hoogerheide is a village in the South-West of Netherlands. click here to open Google Maps

The venue is an indoor Agility hall on Juta turf with a shockpad underlayer.

Judge: Toshiyuki Oba (JP) - AWC2019 Judge Toshiyuki Oba 🇯🇵 – AWC2019 Judge

AWC2019 Judge Toshiyuki Oba 🇯🇵 gladly accepted the invitation to design the courses for the pilot edition of this event.

Name: Toshiyuki Oba
Age: 59
Occupation: Director of APEX Dog School and Agility Club Dog Trainer Teacher at Visionary Arts Carrer College

Agility Biography:
1993: Left for the U.S.A. to study the rules and regulations of Agility as it was still an unfamiliar sport in Japan at that time
1995: Participated with my Labrador retriever, Barbara in the European Championship held in Torino, Italy, although it was considered unofficial due to her being in heat.
1996: Participated in the 1* Agility World Championship held in Morges, Switzerland with Barbara as a member of the Japanese team.
2000: 14th place in total with my border collie, Manhattan at the World Championship held in Helsinki, Finland
2007: 11th place in total in individuals and Sth in teams with my border collie, Queen Bee at the World Championship in Hamar, Norway.
2008: 14th place in total with Queen Bee at the World Championship in Helsinki, Finland
2011: Made the final with my border collie. Connie at the European Open held in Badhall, Austria
2014: Made the final with my border collie, Jungo at the European Open held in Budapest, Hungary
2012-until now Member of JKC Agility Central Committee

I met agility in 1993, and started promoting it wanting to spread it all over Japan. At the same time, I have invited many judges and handlers from Europe and conducted seminars in order to improve the level of agility in Japan. I still continue to be an active handler and keep challenging

Activities as an Agility Judge
1997: Passed JKC Agility Judge Qualification test
2008: Certified as FCI Agility Judge
2014: Judged at Dania Cup held in Denmark
2015: Judged at Guld in Sweden, Jutlandia Cup in Denmark, European Open in Germany
2016: Judged at Bcc in Netherland, Luxembourg Open held in Luxembourg
2018: SWISS AGilITY CUP, FCI Singapore Agility, Singapore Kennel Club competition
Have judged at approximately 10 competitions a year

4 runs + finals 4 runs + finals

All dogs of class A1,A2 and A3 who are at least 18months old at the date of the competition are eligble to run.

There will be 4 qualification rounds and a final:
2 Agility and 2 jumping rounds, the finals will be an Agility round.
S/M/L all will run the same course, and the ranking of the results will be S/M/L combined.
The best 5 of each qualification run can win a ticket for the finals. When a duo wins tickets in more than one round, only the highest ranked round will be eligible. The results of the other rounds will be scratched and the next ranked duo in those rounds will move up and win a ticket to the finals, until all 20 spots for the finals are filled up. In case of multiple tickets with identical highest ranking, the eligble round is taken in this order: Agility 1, Agility 2, Jumping 1, Jumping 2

Tickets will be withdrawn from duo’s who fail to run, or who don’t do effort to engage all obstacles, in one or more rounds. Their results will be scratched from all result lists in all rounds and next ranked duo’s will move up.
The running order of the finals will be in reversed ranking of the qualification runs, per jump height in the order S/M/L? The first to run are the last qualified in Jumping 2 (runs first) , Jumping 1, Agility 2, Agility 1.
The last to run are the first qualified in Agilty 1 (runs last), Agilty 2, Jumping 1, Jumping 2

Great Prizes Great Prizes

The top 3 winners will win a free trip to the Asian Championships in the autumn of 2019
It includes free air tickets for both people and dogs, hotel/food and local transportation during competition days.

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The Asian Dog Agility Association was founded in Februari 2019 to develop the Dog Agility Sports across Asia.
It has a neutral and independent position, with a supportive attitude for all proponents of positive sportsmanship in Dog Agility

It is however very difficult to travel with dogs between the different Asian Countries. Quarantine is always required when you arrive at your destination and again when returning back home.
Europe however has a very developed and very safe system where all vaccinations are registered in the European dog passport. This also makes it easy and safe to travel from Asia to Europe, and back.

For this reason it was decided to organise the Pro Plan Asian Dog Agility Open 2019 in Europe, namely in Netherlands.

The Asian Dog Agility Association can be contacted at and on facebook